Our favorite Eco-Shops in Madrid

Discover the best sustainable shops for Christmas in Madrid.

May 27, 2024
Interior of an sustainable shop in madridInterior of an sustainable shop in madrid

Madrid is a city full of light and activity, where people celebrate life every day. Christmas in Madrid is no different: the streets are dressed in bright colors and fragrant with festive smells, the shops are filled with Christmas decorations. The holiday season here is truly unique and the Christmas spirit is felt everywhere.

At Ukio, we promote a conscious and benevolent Christmas. We love the joy and celebration of this time of year, especially if we can do so in a positive way for the whole planet. We have created for you a list of the best eco-friendly shops in Madrid to help you celebrate Christmas 2022 in a fairer, more friendly, sustainable and ethical way.

The Circular Project

Located on Calle Ventura Rodríguez 22, TCP is a sustainable fashion store in Madrid and is the first in the city specialized in the marketing and dissemination of Sustainable and Ethical Fashion. Its objective is to favor and promote it, supporting eco-design in all its aspects from manufacturing and sale, both physically and online, to communication and distribution to all areas. It is a sustainable fashion store with clothing free from labor exploitation and manufactured in Spain. In this eco store, brands coexist, united by the desire to transform the industry towards a sustainable model that is more respectful of people and their environment. All of them have been approved to offer the customer traceability and guarantees of fair, sustainable and ecological trade.

Espacio Orgánico

This sustainable and ecological supermarket and restaurant is located on Calle Fuencarral 1. A family project, Organic Space is a holistic center that, in a few years, has become the reference for ecological culture in the north of Madrid, offering a service to the community. It is also a cooperative place of information and ecological culture towards sustainability and personal development, based on the principles of Health, Well-being and Consciousness. They think that "organic" should be for everyone, and their mission is to extend its benefits to the rest of the population, bringing the countryside closer to people. They believe in the abundance of Nature, and they know that this abundance is for everyone.

Granel Madrid

On Calle de Embajadores 12, you'll find Granel Madrid, a food store which promotes a zero waste philosophy. They want to take us back to a time when we didn't buy much more than we need and wrap everything in plastic. They sell quality, locally-sourced dried food of all kinds: fruit, nuts, pasta and much more; but they sell you exactly the amount you want, and they put in whatever container you bring with you. A small change to our habits, but one that if we all adopt, can make a big difference.


Located on Calle León 4, this natural cosmetics store offers unique products created from natural ingredients, working with brands that respect their principles: respect the the environment, support local culture and craft, offer products without parabens, colorants or phenoxyethanol, mineral oils or phthalates. They use recyclable packaging, and only where necessary, they never test on animals. Since December 2016 Nuilea have been offering their products in the center of Madrid, in the raw and authentic Barrio de Las Letras. They also believe in cooperation, that the new wave of companies creating reusable, compostable or biodegradable products can work together to really make a difference.