Calle de María de Molina

Castellana | Madrid

3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms


About this property

Sawa provides a blissful escape right in the heart of Madrid’s Castellana neighborhood. 170 square meters of artful design and airy conception, Sawa is a one-of-a-kind. This three-bedroom, three-bathroom overlooks the cityscape of Madrid while maintaining a quiet residence in the charming Castellana neighborhood. Here, guests can enjoy high-end shops and world-class cuisine.

Stepping into the apartment, golden tones wrap the entryway with the warm, wood flooring and natural fibre decor. The pocket door to the right leads to a dazzling living and dining room. With sandy hues throughout, the space parallels its Indonesian shore inspiration. Warmth is the theme with a classic-style hearth and a beachy, macrame hanging chair in the living room. The space then lends itself to a dining area with a four-person set and elegant lantern-lighting overhead. Through the gridded glass door is a radiant office space, boasting natural light and functionality. The very corner of the space opens up to a tropic-esque outdoor terrace with ample lounge space and Indonesian design.

To the left of the dining area is the first bedroom. Windows line the entirety of the right wall, soaking the room in rays. An arc-shaped wooden accent piece rests behind the queen-sized bed while built-in storage is craftily tucked into the left walls. The door to the left leads to the attached bathroom, complete with a walk-in shower and earthy accessories. The bathroom exits to the bedroom on one side or the main hallway through the other door.

Back through the main hallway, a half-bath sits to the right of the semi-ensuite bathroom. Straight on, Sawa offers up a stunning kitchen space. To the immediate left is a tea and coffee bar, channeling Southeast Asian design. Across from the tea and coffee bar is the second detached bathroom complete with a full-sized shower. Further into the kitchen space, Sawa boasts modern appliances and all the necessary cooking utensils. A breakfast nook with a two-person dining set and the home’s second entry point lies to the left of the space.

At the end of the kitchen is a cozy, dual-functioning space. A dedicated workstation sits to the right while a single bed, cloaked in organic textiles takes up the left of the space.

Back down the main hallway towards the entrance is the final bedroom to the right. The minimalist design draws attention to the plush queen-sized bed in the center of the room. Floor-to-ceiling storage is flush with the right wall. The door across the bed opens up to a spa-like shower room.

*For comfort, this apartment comes equipped with air conditioning in the Living Room and in 2 bedrooms. All bedding and linens are included.

*Our in-house design team expertly selects all apartment furniture and decor to ensure the highest level of quality and comfort. As part of consistent home upkeep, design improvements, and photo staging, there may be minor differences in furnishings seen in the photos and what you find in the apartment. Inquire with a sales agent for any questions or doubts.


Pots & Pans

Smart TV

Bluetooth speakers

First aid kit

Water Heating

Iron / Steamer

Drying rack


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Relaxing yet energizing, a blend of sun, sand and sea influences this design. Incorporating soft tones emphasizes the natural light in the space.


Welcome to Castellana


Castellana invites all who visit to walk past its many marvels like Plaza de la Castellana, Crystal Tower, the Open Air Sculpture Museum, and more. Known for its luxury business district, Castellana also boasts a variety of savory international and Mediterranean cuisines. This neighborhood is perfect for those seeking an upscale, residential experience.