Maximize your rental income with zero stress

Leave the hassles of property management behind. With Ukio, collect your rent and we take care of the rest.

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Landlord benefits by the numbers

  • 20%

    Higher rental income

    We pay you higher than market average to prove that we are confident in our ability to rent our beautifully designed flats.

  • 15%

    Re-rental cost savings

    Eliminate the costs incurred from having to repair and refurbish your flat each time you change tenants.

  • 7-10 years

    Avg. length of lease

    The amount of time you are guaranteed to be receiving rental income without the stress and hassles of dealing with renters.

No vacancies, no management fees, no re-rental costs

Working with Ukio eliminates vacancy risk and removes all unnecessary fees associated with traditional tenant rotation. Simply put, you’ll be earning much more.

An elder couple sitting on their couchAn elder couple sitting on their couch

We care for your home like it’s our own

The state of your property is our number one priority. We perform routine maintenance checks, quality inspections of appliances, and ensure cleanliness at all times.

A guy performing maintenance in the houseA guy performing maintenance in the house

Designed and furnished with a critical eye

Our team of in-house designers meticulously decorates and furnishes your apartment to make it feel comfortable and inviting. We transform your property into something beautiful at ZERO cost to you.

A woman hanging up a paintingA woman hanging up a painting

Your property, endless possibilities

The GUILIANO apartmentThe GUILIANO apartmentThe SALERNO apartmentThe SALERNO apartmentThe TAKAO apartmentThe TAKAO apartmentThe BARAMBU apartmentThe BARAMBU apartmentThe LEFFE apartmentThe LEFFE apartmentThe BAKA apartmentThe BAKA apartmentGUILIANO apartment in MadridGUILIANO apartment in MadridPEPE apartment in MadridPEPE apartment in MadridCASTRO apartment in ParisCASTRO apartment in ParisCAPRI apartment in ParisCAPRI apartment in Paris