5 Appliances to Look for in Furnished Apartments

Ensure your new apartment is move in ready by checking these appliances before moving abroad.

May 28, 2024
woman reaching into fridgewoman reaching into fridge

If you’re thinking of moving abroad, it might help you out when first moving to search for a furnished apartment as your monthly rental. Furnished apartments come with at least the basic necessities, if not more, such as a bed, fridge, and couch, to help save you the money and stress of finding furniture just upon arrival. They’re also a good option for if you’re a digital nomad and are not sure how long you plan on staying in one place. Furnished apartments make moving in easier.

Different furnished apartments come with varying amounts of items already within the space, so it's crucial to consider the amenities and appliances that come with it. Having the right appliances can make a significant difference in your daily life and contribute to your overall comfort and convenience. When searching for a move in ready apartment, be sure to check for these five appliances before committing to your new home abroad.

Refrigerator: Everyone has to eat

A refrigerator is an essential appliance that no modern home can do without. And surprisingly enough, not all furnished apartments have high functioning fridges. It’s no secret that buying a fridge is expensive, so some landlords or property managers might try to cut corners and keep old and leaking refrigerators in use long past their expiration date.

When inspecting a furnished apartment, check the size, condition, and functionality of the refrigerator. Ensure that it is big enough and has adequate storage to meet your needs. Think about if you like to grocery shop every couple of days or if you do one big haul every couple of weeks. This will greatly influence your fridge requirements. Look for features such as adjustable shelves, crispers, and a freezer compartment to ensure your perishables will be kept fresh. See if there are any signs of water leakage and if the light and temperature gauge works; be sure to raise any alarm to the landlord with any signs of breakage.

Stove and oven: Culinary delights at home

cooking on a stove

Cooking is a part of your day to day life, so ensure your furnished apartment has the necessary cooking appliances. Kitchens can vary in size, and some smaller apartments may only have a tiny space with two burners to act as the kitchen and no oven at all. Make sure the cooking equipment in your move in ready apartment suits your needs.

Check if the provided stove top is clean, in good working order, and with all the necessary burners and controls. Inspect the oven as well and look for features such as a self-cleaning option, temperature control, and even cooking capabilities. A well-equipped kitchen with a reliable oven and stove will encourage you to explore your culinary skills, embrace local flavors and ingredients, and enjoy home-cooked meals.

Washing machine: Save yourself a trip to the laundromat

Being able to do laundry at home is a godsend, and having access to a washer within your apartment is a game changer. Not all furnished apartments will have in-unit laundry, but if you’re lucky enough to find a place with a washing machine, be sure to inspect it thoroughly. Remember, in many parts of the world, it’s also normal to only have a washer and to hang dry your clothes, so keep this in mind if you're touring a furnished apartment and don't see a dryer.

washing machine

Check if the washer is in good condition, has different wash cycles, and can handle various load sizes. Ensure that there are no strange smells coming from the machine and that it is up to date in repairs. Being able to do laundry at home saves time and money from having to wash your clothes at a laundromat. Having a washer in your furnished apartment adds extra quality to your stay.

Microwave: Food in a pinch

Chances are at some point in your stay abroad, you’ll want to reheat some leftovers or make a lazy meal of frozen foods. The best appliance to have in cases like this is a microwave. Luckily enough, a majority of furnished apartments will come with a microwave oven. In cases where they don’t, then fortunately this is one of the more affordable appliances to purchase.

When assessing a furnished apartment, check if the microwave is clean, has all the parts, such as the plate, and properly lights up and turns. Most people don’t realize their need for a microwave until it is too late, so don’t skip out on this valuable appliance.

Dishwasher: Make hand washing a thing of the past

Everyone enjoys eating food, but not everyone likes the clean up after. Even though a dishwasher is not a necessity, it’s always an added value when you find a furnished apartment with this appliance set up and ready to use, so you can feel free to have extensive meals with multiple courses and invite friends and family over for a dinner party.


Inspect if the dishwasher is in good working condition, the type of soap or cleaner it takes, and how many dishes it can hold. Look inside to make sure that there are no broken holders or pieces of dishware. A dishwasher not only saves you time and effort but also ensures hygienic cleaning of your dishes. The time you would spend washing dishes can be spent elsewhere, like settling in for the night or exploring the vibrant local culture in the neighborhood surrounding your new home.

Furnished apartments with Ukio

When choosing a furnished apartment, the appliances that it comes with play a vital role in your daily comfort and convenience. Five key appliances to ensure that you have in your move in ready apartment are a fridge, stove and oven, washing machine, dishwasher, and microwave. Take the time to inspect these appliances, ensuring they are in good condition and will meet your needs. By doing so, you'll set yourself up for a comfortable and hassle-free stay in your new home.

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