5 Benefits of Living in Corporate Housing in Madrid

Find the perfect balance between work and travel by living in corporate housing.

Sep 6, 2023
woman working from terrace in madrid housewoman working from terrace in madrid house

The popularity of remote working and the digital nomad lifestyle continues to grow year after year. Not only are flexible and remote working structures consistently being added as company benefits, but work travel is also making a return to pre pandemic levels. A common place where many business travelers get sent in Europe is Madrid. Not only is Madrid the capital of Spain, but it’s also a standout business hub in Southern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula.

With all of these professionals traveling to Madrid for business, it leaves the question of where to find furnished apartments for business travelers. To both live comfortably and also experience the splendid culture and lifestyle that Madrid has to offer, we recommend looking for corporate housing. Many executive corporate rentals come fully furnished, so all you have to do is move to Madrid and begin settling in. If that’s not enough to convince you to live in corporate housing Madrid, here’s 5 benefits of corporate house rentals to fit your remote working needs.

Cost savings

One of the biggest benefits of corporate housing rentals for remote workers and business travelers is the cost savings. It’s no secret that staying in a hotel or vacation rental apartment can add up very quickly, especially in popular destinations like Madrid. According to Rick Steves, a typical double room in a budget-friendly hotel in popular European cities costs €110 per night.

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Many rental sites, such as Airbnb and VRBO, offer deals for guests who plan to stay in a place for longer periods of time, usually starting at one month, which can be a great option for remote workers. With Ukio, an apartment rental site for stays starting at one month, that also specializes in finding corporate apartments near me, a typical one bedroom apartment in Madrid costs about €2800 per month on average with utilities and one time fees included, making it come out to just €92 per night. Renting furnished apartments comes out to a lot cheaper than short term rental accommodations!

True flexibility when traveling

Another benefit of booking furnished apartments for business travelers is the flexibility it gives in terms of check in and check out dates. Oftentimes, remote workers have unpredictable schedules, as working hours and days off can correspond to those of another time zone or country. Having the freedom to settle in and stay in one place for a longer period of time can really help the transition to living in corporate housing while working in Madrid.

On top of that, many corporate house rentals also come with the option to extend your stay, so if you need to stay in one place to finish up a project at work, or if you’ve just enjoyed your time and want to stay longer, that can be an option with these types of rentals.

Feel the comforts of home

Having a functional living space is highly important to the productivity and well-being of corporate travelers. Many hotels will have wifi and a desk, but they also lack many amenities that come with renting furnished apartments, such as an office, kitchen, living area, and separate bedroom.

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Corporate housing feels more like a home than a hotel or other short term rental spaces. They allow for workers to fully settle in and establish their own home office. Digital nomads want to be able to feel comfortable when working, and being able to cook during their lunch break, do laundry during the day, or not be confined to one room greatly adds to the working abroad experience.

Get the local experience

Corporate house rentals also give workers the access to fully experience the local culture and lifestyle in Madrid that wouldn’t otherwise be available in traditional short term accommodations. Most corporate house rentals are situated in local neighborhoods, away from the typical tourist attractions. This allows for business travelers to fully immerse themselves in the local community and gain a deeper understanding of the area. These travelers will get to shop at the local market, work out in the community gym, and eat at restaurants serving local flavors, such as paella or a bocadillo de calamares.

If you’re just staying for a short period of time, there is typically only enough time to see the main attractions, and most likely, you won’t be able to participate in the regional festivities or make lasting local connections. More and more business travelers and remote workers want to live like a local during their time abroad, and corporate housing in Madrid allows for them to do just that by offering a more authentic and immersive experience.

Keep productivity high

Just because you’re living in Madrid doesn’t mean that your work productivity levels will fall. In fact, corporate house rentals help to boost productivity even while residing in the fabulous Spanish capital. Furnished apartments for business travelers usually come with a designated workspace and a quiet environment, which allows you to focus on their work without distractions.

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Even if your corporate housing doesn’t have a preset office, it is more likely to have a conducive environment to create the perfect work from home area, a place where you can sit away from distractions and spread out your working materials. Your productivity relies heavily on your surroundings and having access to working high speed internet, both of which an executive corporate rental can provide.

Find corporate apartments near me with Ukio

Overall, if you’re thinking of working remotely, trying out the digital nomad lifestyle,or relocating to Madrid, corporate housing is the way to go. They offer numerous benefits for those wanting to live out their travel dreams while maintaining productivity and growth in their careers. Corporate house rentals provide cost savings, true flexibility, the comforts of home, local experiences, and opportunities for high productivity and success while living abroad. The perfect balance between travel and work lies within corporate housing.

This may lead to the next question, where can you find corporate housing in Madrid? The answer is simple. Check out the Ukio website. Ukio offers fully furnished and artfully decorated apartments, all of which include a dedicated workstation, to ensure that your work traveler lifestyle surpasses the standard. Kickstart your new life in Madrid, all while perfectly balancing the experience with your career.