6 Parisian Hobbies Expats are Loving in 2023

Moving to Paris? Why not pick up one of these top hobbies most expats have been getting this year.

Jun 15, 2023
A guy working with plants on a terrace with the Eiffel Tower in the backgroundA guy working with plants on a terrace with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Paris is a city filled with things to do and see. It may feel as if you could never get tired of living in the French capital, but if you’re staying for a couple of months or more in the city, it might help to pick up some hobbies that will help keep you engaged throughout your stay. Hobbies are great for meeting people, learning new things, stimulating your brain, and helping you adjust to your life abroad. If you’re looking for some fun activities to try that go along with your stay in Paris, look no further than these hobbies below.

Join a class and learn some French

The French are very protective over their language, so a good first hobby to pick up when moving to Paris is to take French classes. There are innumerable benefits that come from learning a new language. Not only is it ideal to be able to communicate with locals in their native tongue, but learning French is also good for making friends with other expats and engaging your brain.

A group of people sit in a row with papers on their laps

Once you start to get the hang of French, your new language skills will allow you to further pursue other hobbies and interests in Paris as well as widen your social circles. It’s easy to get by with just speaking English, but you’re guaranteed to feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging in your new home when you’re able to communicate with others in French.

Grow some plant babies on your Parisian balcony

Everybody dreams of sitting on a balcony in Paris gazing out at the streets and eating some fresh pastries. Now that this dream is your reality, it’s the perfect time to test out your green thumb and give gardening a try. Having plants at home comes with many benefits, from added decorations and liveliness to mental health perks. Taking care of plants at your Paris apartment gives you a sense of responsibility as well as something to dedicate yourself to. Gardening is the perfect hobby if you want to jazz up your apartment decorations and keep yourself busy at home.

Take up sports and find a gym

People in a yoga class

Working out is good for you regardless of where you are living, but when settling into a new city, it carries the added benefit of keeping you grounded within your new setting by providing a routine. If there is a certain sport you like doing in your home country, why not sign up to use those sporting facilities in Paris, or maybe even join a pickup league to add a social element to the mix. Staying fit or practicing a sport while abroad can help make Paris start feeling like home.

Get creative and immerse yourself in the arts

During much of the 19th century, and for a part of the 20th as well, Paris was widely regarded as being the center of the art world. This can be seen in the remnants of artist villages and the abundance of museums containing world famous paintings and sculptures. If the creative arts peak your interest, then consider a hobby that gets you involved in the art world.

Immersing yourself in the arts in Paris goes beyond just visiting museums, even though we recommend you add these to your Paris bucket list as well. You can also take classes of your favorite art form, painting, mosaic, ceramic, or you can support local artists by attending gallery openings and art fairs. Taking an art class provides you with a way to focus your creative energy through self expression. Paris is the perfect place to unlock your inner artist and dive into the arts.

Capture your life abroad with photography

Two men walk towards a forest in a field with cameras

Living abroad in Paris is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you better make sure to take plenty of photos to remember your time there. Photography can be done anywhere and is a fantastic way to both document your life in Paris and engage in a new hobby. Cameras don’t have to be super expensive, as disposable and analog cameras can be found for as cheap as €20.

When you start doing photography, you start seeing the world through a creative lens and can truly romanticize the small things in your Parisian life. You will be super proud of yourself for capturing these fantastic moments on film, and your friends and family in your home country will be thrilled to see a piece of your life abroad.

See what French cinema has to offer

French cinema is famous for constantly creating inventive and beautiful films that spread their reach past the language barrier. Even if you don’t speak the best French yet, going to the local movie theater or joining a film club can help you to immerse yourself into the culture and assimilate to life in Paris. Enjoying French cinema can be done by yourself or with a friend, so it’s the perfect hobby for when you’re feeling social, or when you want to relax in your pajamas on the couch.

Learn to cook your own classic French cuisine

Woman rolling out dough in a kitchen

Paris is known for its world renown food scene, with everything from traditional French bistros to creative fusion restaurants in each neighborhood. If you enjoy French cuisine, why not learn how to make it yourself from the local ingredients in Paris. You can enroll in a cooking class to learn from local chefs, or you can even grab a couple of friends and a recipe book and have your “Ratatouille” moment. Learning more about the regional cuisine can help you to shop locally and incorporate what you find in grocery stores, as well as dive further into the French food culture, which is a central part of Parisian life.

Making Paris your new home

It’s hard to run out of things to do when you’re calling the French capital your home, but if you’re planning on doing an extended stay in Paris, then you’ll want to pick up a hobby that’ll enhance your experience abroad as well as help immerse yourself in the local culture. Finding a hobby in Paris is easy if you pay attention to your interests and longings because, at the end of the day, Paris is a big city filled with art, food, outdoor activities, gorgeous architecture and landscapes, and interesting people. Find your hobby to begin making your mark in Paris.

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