A Warm Willkommen to Berlin

Ukio lands in the German capital. Here are our tips and tricks to navigating this trendy city.

May 29, 2024
berlin streetberlin street

Exploration is always at the core of what we do. With that in mind, it was time for our next adventure: Berlin. Swapping out the tapas for spätzle and the cañas for kölsch.

Sticking with Ukio tradition, we believe in living over travel. When we decided to set our sights on Germany, we knew this wasn’t going to be a weekend trip. We sent some of our team members from our Barcelona headquarters and started growing our local, Berlin team to scour the scene.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in Berlin so far.

Vibe check: Berlin

Here, the theme is off-beat and eclectic. On every corner, we’re finding ourselves awestruck by the funky buildings, the alternative structures, and out-of-this-world street art. Berlin is downright cool. Most cities have one neighborhood that’s their bohemian claim to fame: for Paris, it’s Montmartre, for Madrid, it’s Malasaña. We’re pretty sure that all of Berlin is on-trend.

Making space in Mitte

If we did have to narrow it down, however, Mitte would rank high on the list of hipster havens. Translating quite literally to “the middle” it's clear to see why so many Berliners flock to this bustling neighborhood. Mitte is the hub for all things history, art, specialty coffee, and great music performances.

Blending with the locals

Berlin boasts a vibrant, international culture that gives the city its dynamic feel. As we embrace the multi-cultural feel, we also wanted to pay homage to Berlin tradition. When we go to new places, we remain meticulous about giving our homes an Ukio edge while preserving local charm, be it Portuguese tiling or Berlin’s industrial ambiance. By keeping an ear to the ground, we’re gathering all the information we need to make our Ukio homes feel special.

We’ve noticed some pretty fun details too that we’re eager to share. When crossing the street, take a closer look at the sign, you might find the little green man or the “​​Ampelmännchen” in German.

We’ve also found that Germans take their music scene especially seriously. With Bach and Beethoven at the foundation, it’s no wonder that it has become so ingrained in the culture today. If you want to really experience Berlin, you’d better check out a live show or electronic club.

Beer and Local Bites

Berlin is a foodie’s paradise. This international city hosts a number of Turkish, Greek, and Russian residents which is largely reflected in the cuisine. We’ve tried our fair share of currywurst and pilsners and we haven’t had a bad bite yet.

The Capital of Art Aficionados

As the local tale goes, Berlin has more museums than rainy days. We could spend all day gazing at the collections in the Pergamonmuseum or exhibit-hopping through Neue Nationalgalerie.

Berlin is a treasure trove of culture, cuisine, and design concepts. As we get to know the city better, we can’t wait to share our top finds and hidden gems.