Five Cozy Cafes for a Wintry Madrid Morning

Escape the cold with Madrid's specialty coffee experts. For a balmy beverage or an aromatic workspace, here are five of Madrid's best coffee shops.

May 27, 2024
cafe terrace in madrid city centercafe terrace in madrid city center

As the temperature drops, Madrid locals flock to the coffee shops to enjoy their cafe con leches and a variety of tasty Spanish sandwiches. Madrileños are tightlipped when it comes to sharing their top choices, but we’ve got you covered. Caffeine meets comfort as we guide you through the best spots to enjoy a chilly Madrid morning.

Gran Café Gijón

Gran Café Gijón is all things authentic. This cafe encapsulates history and hominess in its design and menu. Holding true to tradition, Cafe Gijón offers the classics. Their menu is tried and true with over one hundred years since its founding. Famed for its guest appearances from poets and writers alike having a coffee at Cafe Gijón is not to be missed. Apartment Napa is just two blocks away.

Hola Coffee

Hola Coffee is for the true coffee connoisseur. Specialty coffee is, well, their specialty. Taking extra care to feature only the best roasts, Hola Coffee is worth the hype. Whether you're sipping on a french-press pour or experiencing one of their barista courses to gain more coffee know-how, you’ll love this Centro-located cafe. Stay close to your favorite cup of joe, by checking out our Alba apartment.

Café Comercial

Café Comercial pays respect to the Torrefacto roasting method historically found in Madrid. Torrefacto coffee is roasted with a bit of sugar to glaze the beans. This coffee classic can still be tried in some Spanish and Portuguese shops like Café Comercial. Just a stone’s throw away from this cozy spot, you’ll find apartments Ora and Pantai.

Aroma and Bread

Aroma and Bread tell you exactly what they’re about in the name: savory smells from their fresh roasts and a wide assortment of pastries and pan. What’s not to love? Satisfy your taste buds and all your remote working needs by nestling into this comfy cafe. Keep your coffee close by staying at apartments Chianti or Celebes.

Federal Cafe

Federal Cafe ties together a delectable breakfast menu and inspiring cafe design. Beyond a great cup of coffee, Federal Cafe invites you to stay awhile in their modern and airy space. Come for the space and stay for the Shakshuka. You can conveniently try a new treat from Federal Cafe every day when you’re just down the street; apartment Vinci is the solution.

Madrid is a sprawl of urbanites and lively streets, but if you’re looking to hide away from the hustle and bustle, especially during those brisk winter days, then a cozy cafe might be just the thing for you. The Madrid chill is best met with a warm cappuccino, so why not try these fan favorites? All our homes are in the most prime locations to keep you close to your beloved coffee spots.