Best Places to Work from in Barcelona

Where to work and grab tasty treat

May 28, 2024
woman working at cafewoman working at cafe

Before the pandemic, conventional wisdom held that offices were critical to productivity and company culture. But post 2020, the norm has changed, and the popularity of remote working has provided many with new opportunities—traveling has become more feasible, renovating a home office a more valid argument, and the ability to explore and engage in your surroundings while working a realistic feat.

In Barcelona, this has allowed for a boom in a previously untapped space. For a long time, there was no culture of working cafes or bars, and you wouldn’t see Mac-carrying freelancers heading out to grab spots at the places with decent Wi-Fi. Things have changed. While every Ukio home is designed to comfortably and sustainably support your long term living and working there, we understand that sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and change your surroundings. For those on an extended stay or teleworking in Barcelona, here’s a list of some of our favorite spots to work from.


Let’s start with the rebel of the group. Tucked into the old Jewish Quarter in Gótico, Satan's Coffee Corner is beloved in the city, and a menace to the working droves. They don’t have Wi-Fi, they don’t want baby strollers, nor do they care about the reviews left on Tripadvisor. If you can overcome these attacks on your person, you’ll find it's quite a cool space, with a genuinely kind staff. It’s the perfect place to write, sketch, people watch, and do anything that doesn’t involve high bandwidths. They’re open early by Barcelona standards (8 AM), have a Japanese-accented menu (the omurice, savory scone, and egg roll are all shockingly good), an in-house pastry chef, quality beans, and microbrewed fermented drinks. Snag a spot early, smile at your servers, and get in a few productive working hours before the tourists come.

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Sabio Infante

The quirky, eccentric Sabio Infante is a must for anyone living in or trekking to Gràcia. The furniture, fixtures, and decor are mismatched and whimsical, and the coffee and tea selections are vast. If you work up an appetite you can choose from the variety of baked goods, or order any of the dishes from the kitchen (we have a soft spot for the nachos). Here is a place you can easily spend hours at, and one you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.ç

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Lulu and Flyn

Sitting on the border between El Born and Barceloneta, Lulu’s is a place to sit and absorb your surroundings, and people watch in between spurts of productivity. Seating inside is limited,though the real VIP spots are had on the terraza out front. Take your pick of anything from coffee to natural wine, and browse the menu for healthy offerings. Keep an eye out for Lulu’s popups with the Chai Guy, a local wiz who makes the best chai in the city, and serves it piping hot and in long pours


With several locations around the city, Federal is a local favorite. On weekdays they’re open from 8 AM to 11 PM and serve up brunch, snacks, and dinner in addition to traditional coffee and baked accompaniments. With designated community tables and the ability to book reservations for a team meeting, this is perhaps the most working-friendly of the bunch.

Mama’s Cafe

Homey and family run, exactly like the name implies. This intimate Gràcia neighborhood cafe serves up everything from breakfast to cocktails, with a secret terrace out back that’s open in the warmer months. Come early, grab a spot, and feel a part of the neighborhood.


Lying on the division between Eixample Dreta and El Born, this daytime cafe is a cozy place to get in several hours of work. The coffee is good and the menu is solid, and people with laptops have the option of working at a table, or on a cushion on their wide wooden stairs. Open from 9AM to 4 PM, bohl has an atmosphere that is always relaxed, and never rowdy.


Set in the hip hotel Casa Bonay, Libertine is a warm and inviting place to get some daytime work in. Plan yourselft down on the plush couches, and make yourself comfortable. By night this cozy green interior transforms into a cocktail bar with music and heightened ambience. Whether you stay for the party or not, this is a nice option to have available.


Spend 24 hours in Barcelona and we’re sure you’ll pass by a dozen of these. As often comes with a chain, the coffee and food here aren’t anything to write home about, but are perfectly serviceable and decent. Most importantly, the locations are central and the Wi-Fi is reliable. If you’re ever in a pinch and need a charge, or to jump on a spontaneous meeting,Sandwichez is your workhorse.

Buenas Migas

Like Sandwichez, Buenas Migas is also a chain with multiple notable locations, though it has a slightly elevated product—think arugula-topped focaccias and seasonal mango lassis. Things are well priced and the atmosphere is dependable in its variety. You’ll find people giving 1:1 lessons, playing card games, tapping away at their keyboards, or having a weekend brunch. Whatever it is that you decide to do, this is a space that can support it.


Who said cafes are the only places conducive to work? For those who crave a more collegiate experience or deeper level of silence, why not brave the city’s libraries? Getting a library card is easy (just bring your passport, Wi-Fi is for cardholders only), and grabbing a quiet spot to work is even easier. We especially like Biblioteca Jaume Fuster in Gràcia, and Biblioteca Sofia Barat in Eixample Dreta.