Get Lost in Berlin: Top 7 Bike Routes

Berlin breathes life into all things art, culture, and cycling. Here are the 7 best Berlin bike paths.

May 28, 2024
person riding bikeperson riding bike

Famed for its art and culture, Berlin is known for being a creative hub, but what some might not know is that this industrious city also boasts a bike-friendly haven. Positioned as a green metropolis, Berlin has done an excellent job at promoting car alternatives, as shown through its prestige bike paths. To really see the city, a cycling afternoon (or weekend, if you’re feeling brave) is the best way to do so.


If you want to stay close to the center, the Landwehrkanal route maybe your best option for keeping near while exploring the Kreuzberg neighborhood. Start at Prinzenstrabe and follow the Urban-Krankenhaus. The route is fairly short, at only three kilometers, but offers a beautiful ending at the water triangle between Kreuzberg, Neukolln, and Treptow; perfect for a Berlin-style picnic.

Along the Berlin Wall

Nothing says “ich bin ein Berliner” more than a bike ride alongside the Berlin wall. The historic wall has a stretch of 160 kilometers, so it’s certainly not intended for an afternoon trip, but the trail is broken into fourteen different paths that start at seven kilometers and are more than doable for a day. Explore the many different murals, paintings, and political imagery along the Berlin Wall with a bike ride.

Tempelhofer Airport

If you want to transport to a sci-fi alternative reality, try out this bike path. This closed airport offers runway strips for bike paths; something absolutely out of this world. The space has been converted into a park so cyclists can lounge around the wide-open space after an other-worldly cycle. Shipping canal - Spreeweg tour Sticking with the transportation theme, the Spreeweg tour is a scenic option for cycling along the shipping canals. With beautiful views overlooking the water passages and tree-lined paths, this light tour offers a couple of kilometers of scenery and sport.


For those seeking a greenery-filled escape from the city, Reinickendorf offers the perfect solution. Start at Lake Tegel and follow the twenty-one-kilometer path up to Märkisches Viertel to find a remote, lush backdrop. Along the way, cyclists will find the Tegel Castle and some of the oldest trees in Berlin.

Treptower Park

Outside of the city bounds is another enchanting park. This river-front green space offers relaxed bike paths for visitors looking for a smooth, gentle ride. While in the area be sure to check out the Soviet War Memorial and nearby art exhibition, Dark Matter.

Wannsee to Babelsberg

Closer to the Potsdam area, this bike path offers some of the best views of Berlin’s largest lake in the region. Stop at any of the two observation towers, Moritzberg and Hirschberg, for 360 views of the area. If the weather’s nice, cool down with a refreshing dip in Wannsee Lake. Berlin is for aesthetics, both indoors and outdoors. A sunny Berlin day calls for a wispy ride through the many green spaces that the city and its surroundings have to offer. Berlin has bike rentals on just about every corner, so feel free to explore any of these places for a day trip or go on a longer excursion to explore the many castles and best-kept secrets that lurk outside of the German capital.