A Day in the Life of a Ukio Justiciano

Exploring the gems of Madrid's Justicia neighborhood

May 28, 2024
gran viagran via

A nice fully furnished apartment

Now that you’ve found the ideal place for a perfect extended stay in Madrid, nestled in the heart of enviable Justicia, you’re probably ready to get into a bit of a Madrid neighbourhoods routine. Sure, you could crowdsource on Facebook or ask that friend who visited a few years ago for a bachelorette party. But why not turn to the experts?

We already pay special attention to each Ukio apartment, picking only luxurious apartment where we’d feel at home, in neighbourhoods we’d love to rent a property in. Naturally, that means we’ve spent hours wandering through the area’s streets, shopping, dining and living like locals. All to uncover the coolest spots we know you’ll adore.

A fresh start

Once you’ve peeled yourself out of bed (we know it’s tough; the beds are way too comfortable), it’s first things first – breakfast. Head over to Calle de Fernando VI and grab a table at Cafetín. This intimate café is the perfect place for people watching and a morning espresso. In the mood for something a bit healthier? Pop down the road and into Roots Lamarca. Superfood smoothies and power toasts reign supreme here, so don’t expect a hangover cure.

Culture in the neighbourhood

Fortified for the day, you’ll be ready to take on some culture. A visit to Fundación MAPFRE and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is an absolute must. For something a little fresher, we love Fahrenheit on Calle Justiniano. This cool, young gallery plays host to a series of rotating exhibitions featuring new talents and is certainly worth a visit.

A picturesque restaurant

By now, you’ll hear that faint rumble coming from your stomach. Before you head back home for your mandatory afternoon siesta, a little lunch is in order. Ditch all those trendy spots in favour of a true classic: Barrutia y El 9. This cosy tavern tucked away on the Calle de Santa Teresa is ideal for delicious, traditional Madrileño cuisine. Full and happy, you can toddle home and crawl into your spacious bed for a well-deserved snooze.

A nice afternoon in the city

When you awake, it’s always nice to stretch the legs a little. Go for a stroll and soak up the wonders of your new apartment's ‘hood. Nip into Iglesia de Santa Barbara, where Queen Barbara de Braganza was buried, and take in all its glory. Stop by Calle Barquillo and Calle Argensola if the urge to splurge takes over; both are packed with lovely shops. You won’t leave empty-handed.

Wind your way over to Los Jardines de la Villa de Paris in front of Tribunal Supremo for some fresh air. After a long day, it’s time to grab some friends, head over to SuperNova and start the evening off right.