Five Funky Record Stores Berlin

Music runs through the veins of Berlin. We're diving into the underground music scene to bring you the five best record shops in Berlin.

May 28, 2024
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Berlin, in all its eccentricity, boasts an eclectic mix of vinyl shops. Famed for being the “musical connoisseur” capital of the world, is it any wonder that Berlin is the place for finding world-class vinyl? We’ve scoured the streets of Mitte and the corners of Kreuzberg to find Berlin's coolest vinyl shops.

Top Record Stores Berlin

Vinyl has made its resurgence in Berlin and is seemingly here to stay. With the growing “intentional music” movement, the return of the record has flooded the streets of Berlin, underground and otherwise. We narrowed our search to five spots for your next record haul.


Specializing in cutting-edge electronic dance music, this is the place to be for the aspiring DJ. At Hardwax you can find anything from Detroit house to irdial discs, deeming it a Kreuzberg classic. Walking past the strung-up posters of Berlin's upcoming underground shows, visitors will find an industrial space with well-sectioned record bins.

If you’re unsure what vinyl will be perfect for your collection, Hardwax offers an online library with more information or an in-store listening station. In line with Berlin style, there’s ample bike parking around the back.

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If the name alone doesn’t drive a thrill, let the intergalactic awe transport you to distant (musical) lands. This record store keeps its focus on music. They maintain a fairly “no frills” floor with hundreds of thousands of records. Consider it the bookstore of musical genius.

If you’re staying in Moru, Teke, or Baya, be sure to make the swift trip across town to the Bergmannkiez quarter and explore Spacehall and its cosmic surroundings.

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For the “I listen to everything crowd” we bring you OYE. Their in-store style is just as impressive as their sleek digital library offering everything from neo-disco to bluegrass. OYE Records offers some extra pizazz for those who visit by selling a vast sprawl of DJ equipment and gear to up the fun of vinyl.

With a touch of sustainable groove too, OYE offers an entire selection of second-hand records for an excellent price and in great condition.

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Do you wear your music taste on your sleeve? HHV might be the place. They’re loud and proud about their record selection and have got the merch to prove it. HHV is all things fashion and funk, blending the hipness of record playing to calm, cool, and collected clothing pieces. Brands like Carhartt and Stüssy pair perfectly with a record from Le Motel or Moderat.

Just a quick trip away from El Oued, HHV is located in the tucked-away streets of the Friedrichshain quarter.

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Record Loft

The vinyl renaissance is alive and well in this record shop. Record Loft has pushed through changing times after having to forcefully shut its doors in 2016. After fanfare and protest, due to its sudden closing, Record Loft reopened a couple of years later. Perhaps emblematic of their new beginnings, the second time around they chose Neukölln as its base.

An energizing force in the vinyl industry, Record Loft is known for more than just its vast vinyl collection (although singularly impressive). Record Loft houses an extensive array of Electro, Techno, Heads, DnB, Breaks, Disco, Boogie, Jazz, Soul, Rap, and other genres making its collection one for the books.

Catch them on Youtube to watch famous DJs and producers utilize the space for fresh mixes in their very Berlin-esque establishment.

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Ukio as a Music Buff’s Dream

Berlin and music are a likely pair as this city boasts an impressive spread of festivals, clubs, live sets, and the like, but, from the outside looking in, Berlin’s melodic reputation only exists outside of the home.

Proving to be quite the opposite, the resurrection of Berlin’s record shops signals this same great musical inclination in the home as well. When it’s time to drop the needle and play your favorite jam, know that every Ukio apartment in Berlin comes with a record player for your perfect tune.