How to Stay Cozy at Home in Winter

Make sure your home and yourself stay warm and cozy inside during the cold months.

May 28, 2024
woman in bed on computer woman in bed on computer

When the months get colder and the days get shorter, the weather starts signaling that it’s about that time of year to retreat within the comforts of your own home. Think of your home as a haven, a place where you can get cozy in the midst of the cold and dark of winter, but what’s the best way to ensure maximum comfort and coziness within your space? It’s really not that hard; coziness starts with your decorations, activities, and care routines while snuggled up within the safety of your living space.

Add throw blankets and pillows

Many people associate coziness with laying their bed under the covers, so what better way to create a cozy home than to add throw blankets and pillows to your couches, chairs, and other hard surfaces. If you want to get innovative, you can even invest in baskets, ladders, and trunks to display or hold extra throws.

Not only do throw blankets and pillows provide a splash of color and bring a feeling of comfort to a space, but they’re also practical. They can be used as any normal blankets and pillows while watching a movie on the couch or reading in your favorite armchair. Consider adding throws made of classic winter materials, such as fleece, fur, wool, and flannel to help cover surfaces and further trap heat inside the house.

Create a cozy corner

man reading on couch

Winter is the perfect time to bring out a good book or pick up an indoor hobby, such as doing puzzles, knitting, or playing games. You can do these hobbies from anywhere in your home, but what cuter way to do them than to create a relaxing and comfortable corner dedicated to indoor activities.

Ideally, pick a well-lit corner of the room, either with natural light or a warm artificial light from a lamp, and add a comfortable chair, along with blankets and pillows, to the space. You’ll never want to leave your cozy corner this winter!

Cozy from the inside and out

Soup, stews, casseroles, and bakes are all great examples of some winter comfort foods that set the mood for feeling cozy both inside and out. Warm yourself up from the inside by cooking and eating freshly cooked meals made from hearty ingredients. And if you’re a bit chilly between meals, it’s always a good idea to sip on some hot beverages for a similar warming effect.

woman cooking

Winter is also the perfect time to start baking. Cookies, cakes, and pies all make your space both smell and feel like home. The oven also doubles as a heater and brings warm air throughout the kitchen and into the living space. This winter is the perfect time to start practicing your culinary skills because cozy starts with what you eat.

Keep your feet warm

Cold feet in the winter is never fun. In fact, walking around your cold floor with bare feet can in turn make the rest of your body feel colder. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good pair of slippers or fuzzy socks for your feet this winter. You’ve probably heard how adding carpets can help insulate your house from the cold, so wearing insulation on your feet in the form of slippers can help you insulate your body from the cold. Keeping your feet warm as well as adding layers to your indoor outfit helps to save energy as well by staying warm with the heater on low.

Care for yourself

Caring for yourself goes without saying, but it’s very common to experience some feelings of sadness in winter due to lack of sunlight. That’s why it’s important to look out for your mental wellbeing during the colder months. Get cozy inside and meditate, do a face mask, read a book, try a new recipe, practice yoga, take a bath, or do whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed while spending time inside.

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Bring nature inside

Being in close proximity to nature is through and through beneficial to your overall health. If the cold is keeping you from going outside, then why not bring nature inside to you. Having indoor plants or wooden accents throughout your home can liven up the space, purify the air, and promote mental health by cheering you up through the dark of winter.

To get into the winter spirit, you can also consider making or displaying wreaths and clippings from winter plants, such as pine needles and cones or eucalyptus. These clippings will also help to scent the air and help create the essence of a winter wonderland within your home to stay cozy.

Share a meal with loved ones

Getting cozy at home in winter doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. Most of your friends and family will be doing the same as you during the season, so why not stay cozy with your loved ones and plan and host a meal together inside your cozy home. That way you can still be social but from the warm comforts of your living room. Everyone can come together to cook some hearty meals or bake some gingerbread cookies or make some popcorn for a movie night as a fun and cozy winter activity.

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A cozy winter with Ukio

The cold months signal the perfect time of the year to cuddle up on the couch and stay cozy inside your home. Coziness starts with design and personal activities, and this winter is set to have maximum comfort and be full of warmth and self care.

Each Ukio apartment is professionally designed for each season, and winter is no exception. If you’re traveling during the winter, be sure to check out Ukio’s excellent selection of ready to live apartments, each with throw rugs, comfortable couches, indoor entertainment systems, warm beds, and full kitchens. Ukio is ready for you to stay cozy while living abroad.