Summer Fun in Madrid

Here’s how to have a fun-filled summer in Madrid.

Jun 15, 2023
Lake with boats and a statue in Retiro ParkLake with boats and a statue in Retiro Park

Madrid is a fantastic city through and through. From its gorgeous parks to outstanding local culture to world class nightlife, it's no surprise that the Spanish capital remains one of the top European cities to visit.

However, it’d be a lie to say that summer in Madrid is the easiest season to enjoy, as it’s very common for temperatures to push 40ºC (104ºF) during this time of year. Nevertheless, the heat should not hinder you from enjoying a fun filled summer in Madrid. Enjoy a drink outside, take a dip in a pool, or dance the night away in Malasaña, here’s the best ways to make the most of your Madrid summer.

Have a “beach day” at the San Juan Reservoir

Madrid is a landlocked city, so when we suggest having a beach day, you may think we’re crazy. Even though there is no coast access, locals find their way around this by taking a day trip to the countryside and checking out the San Juan Reservoir to take a dip in the water and lay out on the shores. The San Juan Reservoir is the only reservoir in Madrid that allows for swimming and water sports, and it’s fairly easy to get to by bus from the Principe Pio station.

Escape the heat at a public swimming pools

If you don’t feel like taking the bus out to the reservoir, Madrid also has public swimming pools located all around the city to be used at your leisure. There are two time slots that are available, the morning and afternoon, and tickets must be purchased in advance online due to the pools’ popularity. Pack your swimming suit and find a public pool near you for a fun filled day sitting poolside.

Drink on a terrace or rooftop bar

Tables and people on a rooftop enjoying a drink

If you’re living in Madrid, you’ll soon find out that the city is filled with bars and restaurants, their respective terraces, and open air plazas. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can check out some bars at higher heights, such as the rooftop of Hotel Rui, Círculo de Bellas Artes, or Secret Rooftop Garden.

Indulging in a cold drink outside can help you beat the heat as well as have a great time with new and old friends. We’d recommend that you visit these terraces or rooftop bars in the afternoon or evening to enjoy your time out of direct sunlight and in a milder temperature.

Party at pride

Madrid’s pride celebrations take place every year around the end of June or beginning of July, and it’s one of the biggest celebrations in the world. Most of the events take place in Chueca, and the program includes talks, parades, demonstrations, and many other activities surrounding the topics of tolerance and acceptance. The pride festivities last a whole week, so it’s definitely something to check out during your Madrid summer.

Enjoy a picnic in the shade

A girl walking through a shaded grassy area in a park

Madrid’s parks remain green year round due to an extensive irrigation system, so make the most of these outdoor spaces by having a picnic in the park. Retiro, Casa de Campo, and Madrid Río have plenty of trees and grass to help keep the temperatures relatively cool, and they also have plenty of places to explore and take in their beauty.

Indulge in culture at an August festival

In the dead of the summer heat, Madrid has three local festivals, or verbenas, that happen simultaneously. The three neighborhoods included in these August festivities are San Cayetano, San Lorenzo, and, the biggest, La Paloma. During these celebrations, locals of the area dress up in traditional garments and the streets are filled with stalls, concerts, events, and outdoor parties. The August verbenas are the perfect time to get a taste of traditional Spanish culture and the Madrid way of life.

Attend some Veranos de la Villa events

Every July and August, the city of Madrid throws various events at night around the city under the name Veranos de la Villa, most of which are free; they include outdoor movie screenings, concerts, theater performances, dance events, exhibitions, and children’s activities. These events bring local culture to every edge of the city with over 700 national and international artists participating. The official program for these summer in Madrid events can be found online, and it’s the perfect way to connect with the local culture.

Take advantage of air conditioning

Gallery with white walls, piano, and artpiece

Even with the summer heat in Madrid, air conditioning can be a bit sparse, and if you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning in your apartment, it might be expensive to leave it on all day. Luckily, many big establishments in Madrid have air conditioning, so take advantage of movie theaters, museums, and shops during the peak heat during the day. Summer may be synonymous with being outside, but there’s nothing wrong with staying cool indoors to beat the Madrid heat and going outside when the sun is less intense.

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Many correlate summer in Madrid with soaring temperatures, but this should not stop you from having a fun and enriching time in Madrid during the warmer months. The city of Madrid comes to life during the summer with plenty of exciting activities and cultural events happening.

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