Artwork Makes a Difference: The Importance of Art at Home

A house isn’t a home until you add art.

Jul 14, 2023
living room with green couch and wall art filling the spaceliving room with green couch and wall art filling the space

No one wants to look around their home and see blank walls. Even if you have all the necessities, such as beds, furniture pieces, and appliances, something will still feel missing if your furnished apartment is lacking any type of art or decoration. Having artwork in your home is not only important for design purposes, but it also has various psychological benefits as well. Art is often overlooked in place of furniture sets, but no one can deny the pleasure and importance of having art at home. Here’s some of the benefits that displaying artwork at home can have.

Art sets the mood

Your surroundings greatly influence your mood, so how you curate your home and what you have on your walls will greatly affect how you feel. By choosing artworks that display natural scapes, your brain will begin to feel more relaxed and peaceful, which is perfect for a bedroom. Or in the kitchen, having paintings of fantastic food or dining experiences can help to prepare yourself for the meal you’re about to have.

Create the perfect color palette

Chic interior showing the details of a coffee table and neutral decor

Color goes hand in hand with the mood of the space that you are trying to create. Different colors make you feel different ways; blues and beiges create relaxing vibes, while reds are conducive to love and passion. What colors you paint your walls or highlight through the use of art at home will help to cater to the overall look and feel of the space. Adding pops of color also helps to bring liveliness to any room. Moreover, from a more design perspective, if you have a space at home filled with lots of different colors already, artwork on the walls can help to tie the space together and give each color a sense of belonging.

Stimulate and relax your brain

It might sound contradictory, but art is great for both stimulating and relaxing your brain, depending on the piece and the frame of mind. Because art is thought providing and open to interpretation, having art at home is perfect for creating an environment conducive to creative thinking. At the same time, some pieces of art can also influence your brain to be calm and relaxed. Some types of art even recharges your brain better than staring at a blank wall or watching TV. Curate the type of art pieces to the vibe you are trying to create within a space.

Fill your home with character

Art is a fantastic way to express yourself and your personality, and your home should be an embodiment of you. Through the use of art at home, you can show your aesthetic and style to the world and feel a stronger connection to the space where you live. Living in a cookie cutter home straight out of a magazine is fine, but it lacks the most important aspect of personal touch. Your home is where you will spend a lot of your time, so your home should be a place for self expression.

Living room with fan on the wall and decor creating a cozy environment

Foster creativity in your space

Whether you identify as an artist or not, being surrounded by a creative space benefits your mind by stimulating your brain and outside the box thought. The benefits of creative thinking extend outside of the home, with work and with friends, for example. If you have children at home, this is especially important to help them think creatively and nurture that part of their brain. A creative mind is a healthy mind.

Add an ode to your memories

When searching for art pieces to add to your home, you can find generic photos at any furniture shop or home goods store, but if you wish to put more effort into curating your home art, you’ll also make memories along the way. You’ll always remember when you spotted that perfect piece to place above the mantle or beside the kitchen table. If you buy art when traveling, you’ll even be reminded of the fun trip you had when glancing at the piece you took home. If you created the art yourself, scenes of inspiration or the creative process will come flooding back whenever you see it.

Art completes the space

An empty looking house or apartment is fully functional, but it tends to look, as we said, empty. Adding art to your walls can really transform a house into a home. Art makes a space look complete and lived in; it rounds out the functionality aspect with the design and aesthetics parts of having a home.

Support the local artist community

local artist moves canvas around in studio

One great thing about buying locally made and limited edition art pieces is that it supports the local artist community. If you’re planning on living in your home for a while and becoming a part of the local community and neighborhood, then it’s important to uplift others and give back to the community that welcomes you. People can’t live without art, and supporting local artists helps to promote more art and arts education within the community, making it a better, more well rounded, area to live in.

Never run out of things to say

Once you have a home filled with art, it’s all anyone’s going to be talking about who walks through the front door. Art is a great conversation starter when hosting dinner parties or when having friends over in general. Because art stimulates the brain and is also open to interpretation, it’s the perfect thing to discuss or debate about for hours.

Art in every Ukio apartment

There’s no doubt that art has an important role to play at home. Not only is it great for completing a space from a design perspective, but it also has various mental health benefits, such as invoking creativity or feelings of relaxation. If you want to have a complete home, then adding art is a must.

At Ukio, we know how important having art at home is; that’s why we make an effort to include works of art from local artists and artisans in every apartment we offer. When you come to stay with Ukio, we want you to stay in a home, not just an apartment. Adding art to our spaces is an element that helps us create a homey feel from wherever you may be living. Find your next home with Ukio.